Crisis Support

Helping people to cope in a crisis:

The Crisis Support Team undertake crisis intervention, post traumatic stress, defusing and debriefing following traumatic events involving death or serious injury.

We also provide back-up to emergency services, hospitals and GPs when requested.

Who are the Crisis Support Team?

They consist of members of Cruse who have had extensive training in crisis support.

Who is crisis support for?

People who have experienced loss in traumatic circumstances.

People who have witnessed or experienced a catastrophic event.

Relatives and friends of people who have died under traumatic circumstances.

Rescue and recovery personnel.

Members of a community who are involved in a disaster.

People whose emotional state may cause them to be seriously affected by a tragic incident.

Others who may be affected such as those who could have been victims themselves or who are in some way involved or responsible.

Some definitions:

Trauma - A powerful shock that may have long lasting effects.

Loss- The deprivation of someone or something valued especially through death.

Crisis- An unstable period, especially of extreme trouble or danger.

Some examples of traumatic events-

Terrorist attack • Large scale major accident • Murder • Suicide • Violent physical attack • Multiple losses • Serious injuries

Sudden death • Failed resuscitation • Death of a child • Cot death

How can crisis support help?

We aim to :

Reduce unnecessary adverse psychological effects.• Enable individuals to live more effectively.• Accelerate recovery.

We provide an opportunity for:

Informal, immediate support in a safe and supportive environment for victims and/or workers to talk about their experiences.

Help in dealing with the sights, sounds, smells, thoughts feelings and emotions resulting from a tragic event.

A one- off session which may lead on to continuing support from a specialist counselor

What is the difference between bereavement counselling and crisis support?

Bereavement counselling is likely to involve regular sessions over time to support people through their grieving process.

Crisis support is usually a one-off session to enable people who are in a state of crisis during or very shortly after a traumatic incident.

If you want further information or wish to make a referral to the crisis support team please contact the office
details below. There is a remote access facility at the weekend so your call will be picked up. 

Coping at Christmas 

Christmas can be a painful time if you've been bereaved, whether it’s

your first year without a person who has died, or you lost someone long

ago. Cruse is here to help throughout the Christmas season. Our helpline

will be open for normal hours across the whole period, including

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

You can also read more about what can help in our article on

Coping at Christmas.